Digitec Solutions, Inc. provides complete end-to-end IT Infrastructure and on-going support services. We supply equipment, software, installation, support, and maintenance for small and medium businesses.

Since 1990, we have been providing a suite of products and services that build, maintain, manage, and improve business IT infrastructure on an outsourced basis. This model brings an IT department to your business without all the expenses and headaches of hiring, training, motivating, and managing a department. Removing these headaches enables you, the business manager / owner to better focus on managing and growing your business while keeping IT expenses predictable and under control.

We work on adaptable business plans that make it cost effective for you to have an outside IT partner manage your IT infrastructure. In most cases, this approach brings about cost savings and eliminates the headaches of maintaining an in-house department.

Our typical customers have between 5 – 75 workstations. Our highly skilled team ensures a safe and stable IT environment to ensure that business processes and communication are fast, efficient and continuous throughout the organization. Our desire is to serve clients that:

  • Want a technology partner that will act as a trusted advisor to help improve the efficiency of their company in all areas.
  • See technology as a powerful tool for increasing productivity and gaining competitive advantage.
  • Demand reliability and security from their computer network.
  • Are willing to invest in technology to improve communications and eliminate manual tasks.

You can count on us to be

Dependable – Our dedication, professionalism and teamwork makes us a reliable partner whom you can
leave your IT problems to, so you can focus on growing your business.

Efficient – Our internal processes and support systems enable timely response to problems and
always ensure that you have the necessary backing to keep your business moving.

Highly skilled – Our years of experience and insight enables us to preempt problems and nip them in the bud.

Proactive – We keep ourselves updated with the latest technology, so you can benefit from the best as soon as it is available.

Digitec Solutions, Inc. is part of the Support Functions Group that provides various products and services in human talent management, information technology, accounting, training, and motivational promotions.


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